Building Restaurant Menu

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Building Restaurant Menu

How to Build your Restaurant Menu

Welcome back to our blog.

In our last post, we explained how to setup your restaurant  . In this post we will be talking about how to build your restaurant menu.

After setting up your restaurant, you need to add your Menu categories and Food items. Kindly follow these steps to build your restaurant menu;

  1. Logon to Findafford Foods website
  2. Login with your restaurant username and password (I don’t have a restaurant account – click here to register your restaurant)
  3. From your restaurant dashboard – click Menu Builder
  4. Create your Menu Categories by adding Menu name with description and hit the Add category button. Add as much categories as you may need.
  5. To add food items – Click on the Food items  tab
  6. Select Restaurant menu >>> Input menu item title >>> Price >>> Add image >>> Description then hit the Add to Menu Item List button

Your restaurant menu is now up-to-date, repeat the above procedure to add more menu and update your menu at all time. You will read how to manage orders on our next post.


Thank you for reading.


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