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How to Change Password

Welcome to Findafford Foods Hello there, Do you have an account with Findafford Foods and would like to change your password? We understand that there will be needs to change your user password since the system automatically generates a random password for you during registration. You can change your password using the following steps; Log...

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Manage Orders

How to Manage your Restaurant Orders Hope this meets you well. As a restaurant owner, manger or representative, you need to know how to manage your orders. At this point, i believe you have registered your restaurants on Findafford Food website, Setup your Restaurant and have Menu items . If you have done these and...

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Building Restaurant Menu

How to Build your Restaurant Menu Welcome back to our blog. In our last post, we explained how to setup your restaurant  . In this post we will be talking about how to build your restaurant menu. After setting up your restaurant, you need to add your Menu categories and Food items. Kindly follow these...

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Setting Up Restaurant

Setting Up your Restaurant Information Basically, after your restaurant registration, the next thing to do is setup update your restaurant’s Information which may include; Uploading your restaurant logo Restaurant cover image Restaurant name Delivery fee/ Minimum and Maximum delivery and pickup Order Pickup time Categories and other information The following are the step-by-step user guide...

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Adding Restaurant

Welcome to Findafford Foods Adding your restaurant on our platform is seamless. Kindly follow the user’s guide to add your restaurant. Log on to our website from your mobile device or computer Click Add Restaurants from the Menu (For mobile users – Kindly click on the three parallel horizontal lines at the topmost right of...

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