Manage Orders

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Manage Orders

How to Manage your Restaurant Orders

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As a restaurant owner, manger or representative, you need to know how to manage your orders.

At this point, i believe you have registered your restaurants on Findafford Food website, Setup your Restaurant and have Menu items . If you have done these and would like to know how to manage your orders this article should guide you.

Firstly, for every order placed on the Findafford Food website, the Restaurant/Vendor gets an email notification in their registered email address (You can Send Invitation, Add Members  and assign roles and permissions to your team members from your restaurant dashboard >>> Team Management).

However, after getting Order notifications, restaurants are expected to make sure the customer gets their orders then update the order status from the restaurant’s dashboard. Kindly follow the instructions below to manage your orders.

  1. Logon to Findafford Foods website
  2. Login with your restaurant username and password
  3. From your restaurant dashboard – click Orders to manage your orders.

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